Pastes and gummies

Our edible paste and gummies section.

CBD pastes are a highly concentrated form of CBD. CBD pastes are made from the same ingredients as oils but have a thicker consistency, making them easier to hold under the tongue than CBD oils. Their concentrated form makes them easier to take higher doses of, which is useful for people who need larger doses of CBD.

These CBD pastes are made with full spectrum CBD Cannabis Sativa extract.

CBD gummies are a fun way to take CBD. Chewing CBD ensures the CBD remains in the mouth longer, allowing it to be absorbed through the mouth.

Now with a new and improved delivery system! Same ingredients, 1 click is a 25mg dose. Each syringe contains 45 doses....
Moon Mother 1000mg Paste Syringe 5ml
Moon Mother CBD paste is 20% CBD, making it an extremely pure and concentrated form of CBD. This...
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