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Who Can Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is being found in different products and items across markets. With its increasing popularity, the question of who CBD oil is suitable for is on lots of lips. The good news is that CBD oil can be safely used for all ages. Whether you are a young adult, someone who is elderly, a child, and even animals are able to use CBD oil. 

Due to restrictions, there are certain retailers who will require you to be over 18 before purchasing CBD oil. This is due to its association with marijuana and the stigma surrounding its uses. While it can be used safely, there are things to consider when using CBD oil. We go through what you should be looking for when purchasing CBD oil for different age groups and/or animals. 

Children and CBD Oil

After consulting with your physician or GP, children can take CBD oil safely and it is used in certain medications to treat ailments such as epilepsy. Already approved by the FDA, CBD is used in medication that treats difficult to control seizures that are more commonly occurring in children. This includes Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome which are two rare forms of epilepsy. 

Conditions in Children that CBD Oil Aids

One medication that is considered an oral solution is called Epidiolex. Made from purified CBD, it is derived from Cannabis sativa and has been used in three randomised, placebo-controlled drug trials that were double blind. 

Ran by Trusted Source in the Netherlands, it included 516 patients that either suffered from Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. This trial showed that the medication was effective at reducing seizure frequency when it was compared with other placebos. This is an incredibly exciting development for the treatment of epilepsy in children. 

A carefully manufactured and administered medication, Epidiolex is not comparable to store bought CBD oil. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that CBD oil will have the same effect on seizures as Epidiolex does but it does have the potential to help. Again, consult with your pediatrician or GP before using CBD oil as a treatment for epilepsy. 

Another condition that CBD oil is meant to positively influence in children is autism. Trusted Source have run studies with children with autism that seems to suggest that CBD oil can improve some of the symptoms of the condition. 

Trusted source took 188 children who were on the autisitc spectrum and ran a study to see how CBD oil affected them. The children were between the ages of five to eighteen years old and they were given a 30% CBD Oil and 1.5% THC solution  three times daily by placing it under the tongue. 

Incredibly, most of the participants showed mass improvements with symptoms like rage attacks, restlessness, and seizures easing after a month. These improvements continued to reduce as the solution was administered over a six month period.

While there were clear benefits, there were some side effects as well. Some of these side effects included acid reflux, sleepiness, and lack of appetite. It should be noted that, during the study, the children also remained on their prescribed medication which contained things like sedatives and antipsychotics. 

After the study, researchers did say that the results, while positive, should be treated with caution because they had neglected to arrange a control group. This prevented them from determining the use of CBD oil and reduction of symptoms effectively. Studies are continuing to find safe and effective doses for children with autism being treated with CBD oil. 

Administering CBD for Your Child

There are a wide variety of CBD forms that are suitable for children. Finding consumption that is suitable for you can be difficult though. Once you have consulted with your doctor, they might assess and suggest the easiest way to ingest CBD oil for your child. 

Prescription products like Epidiolex give the most accurate information in regards to CBD content in a product, but if you use a reputable manufacturer who has licenses to sell CBD, like CBD Farmacy, you will be able to read all the information on the products.

The issue with giving children pure CBD oil is that it has a distinctive and earthy taste which isn’t pleasing to many children. There are flavoured oils available, so it will be a trial and error period finding something that is nice for them. 

Arguably the most popular way to deliver CBD to children is gummies. CBD-infused gummies can help override the taste of CBD oil and make them feel like they’re just eating a sweet. Just ensure you have them safely put away where there isn’t easy access to them. 

As always, consult with your doctor before giving your child CBD oil and be aware that some of the ways to consume CBD oil, like capsules and gummies, could provide choking hazards for children, so ensure you are with them when they are taking them. 


Elderly People and CBD Oil

For a certain generation, when people hear the word cannabis plant, they have visions of hippies and lack of productivity. Many seniors are unaware of the incredible benefits that taking CBD oil could give them, helping them cope with some of their ailments and conditions. 

CBD can be extracted from the marijuana plant in a way that avoids some of the negative and unwanted properties of the plant. This means that CBD oil can be ingested without the sensation of becoming inebriated or ‘high’. 

Another thing to note is that inhalation isn’t a necessary form of consumption for CBD which pleases many elderly people. It can be taken through topical gels, edible products, and even tinctures making it accessible to everyone who wants to use it. 

Uses of CBD Oil in Seniors

One major factor for using CBD oil amongst Seniors is its proven pain relief. Clinical studies have shown that CBD oil is very effective in treating and relieving chronic pain, meaning that conditions like arthritis and nerve pain benefit greatly from CBD. 

A concern of many as they get older is the fragility of bones. Some studies suggest that CBD oil can help support healthy bones and also aid in the healing of fractures. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory meaning that it can also help those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

CBD has some incredible benefits and one of them is its ability to strengthen cells. CBD is known for its soothing effects and can promote energy, fighting against inertia. This helps with the regeneration of cells. Another impressive benefit of CBD is that it serves as an antioxidant. Studies have shown that cannabinol has stronger antioxidant properties than Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Other studies are showing that CBD oil has some effect on the treatment of glaucoma, a degenerative disease that causes the sight of individuals to be affected. This loss of sight is caused by an increase of pressure on the eye known as intraocular pressure or IoP. It has been found that CBD helps with pain management and can reduce the pressure on the eye for many patients. 

Insomnia and sleep issues are a common issue in Seniors and a lack of sleep can aid with age-related neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheminer’s and glaucoma. Many eldery people are prescribed sleeping pills to aid with their slumber but these can provide a range of side effects. CBD can help in the extension of the deep sleep phase and the reduction of the lighter sleeping phases, and provide a healthier alternative to sleeping pills. 

Many Seniors use prescription medication daily to deal with their ailments. In certain cases, this is unnecessary and can cause greater harm to their bodies due to continuous use, particularly when regularly using painkillers. CBD has been proven to help combat addiction to prescription drugs and, it should be noted that, no deaths or overdoses have been documented in relation to CBD, which can’t be said about prescription medications. 

As we get older, our desire to eat declines and loss of appetite is a major issue in elderly people. It can lead to tissue weakness, mental health issues, and severe weight loss. CBD has been proven to be a good appetite stimulant and can help seniors maintain healthy eating habits. 

Finally, research has been conducted that suggests that the marijuana plant has the potential of preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. According to multiple studies, cannabinoids can contribute to the elimination of a toxic protein related to this disease. This is triggered by a loss of inflammation of the brain and regeneration of damaged cells meaning CBD can also help with prevention.

Administering CBD for Elderly People

There are plenty of methods of consumption that can suit people of all ages but, with elderly people, it can be best to treat particular ailments with particular methods. For example, if you have chronic joint pain, arthritis, or another neurological pain condition, it is advisable to use higher concentrations of CBD in products like pastes and oils. 

If you are using CBD to treat insomnia or other ailments of that nature, using CBD oil under the tongue or taking capsules can help with lesser issues as they need lower concentrations. 

Adults and CBD Oil

CBD oil is perfectly safe for adults to use. There have been incredible advancements in how CBD is obtained and there are multiple ways to consume it to suit all tastes that are perfectly safe. Clinical trials are now being funded by government bodies to see how it can improve conditions and general bodily functions. 

With the help of the research data from these clinical trials, researchers have identified that in most cases, CBD is safe to consume by the majority of people. CBD undergoes sincere testing to determine purity and potency making sure that no harmful residuals are remaining after the extraction process. 

Administering CBD Oil in Adults

CBD can be consumed in multiple ways by adults and they have the benefit of a wide selection from tincture to pastes, topical creams to capsules. One of the most popular ways to consume CBD that wouldn’t be popular in other age brackets is vaping. Vaping is one of the quickest ways for CBD absorption and ensures it reaches the bloodstream for positive impact. 

Animals and CBD Oil

Not limited to humans, animals can also reap the benefits of having CBD in their diets. Many people give CBD to their dogs to help with separation anxiety and inflammation, and there are now a wide range of CBD oil flavours that have been designed specifically for dogs’ tastes. 

Uses of CBD Oil in Animals

All vertebrates benefit from having an endocannabinoid system, so that means cats and dogs are able to use CBD oil safely. In a study conducted to assess the benefits in canines, 30 dogs were monitored to see the effects of different concentrations of CBD in their bodies. 

There were two methods used, oral and external. In the study, CBD capsules, oil, and transdermal creams. Over a six week study period, it was found that CBD was detectable in the dogs’ blood plasma meaning it had been successfully absorbed into the bloodstream. The study also demonstrated that CBD was very well tolerated by the dogs, with no side effects spotted by the researchers - a positive for including it in their diets.

While studies have shown positive results for dogs, information is somewhat lacking in cats. There was a small study conducted that gave eight cats an oral CBD supplement over a period of 12 weeks. There was a lower absorption of the compound but, other than a small percentage of cats excessive licking, there were no other side effects.

While there are little studies to show the impact of CBD on cat behaviour, there are plenty of examples of cat owners who have shared their experiences with CBD online. Many reports suggest that CBD has reduced anxiety in their pets and helped with conditions such as hyperesthesia where cats excessively scratch. 

Administering CBD for Animals

Before administering CBD to your pets, it is advised that you speak to your veterinary practitioner for a consultation on the benefits of CBD in your animals. Oral CBD administration has been found to be more effective in animals so, for fast absorption, it is recommended that you select an oil for consumption.

While studies suggest that there are no serious side effects by delivering CBD to your animals, consulting your vet will help you make a decision around dosage and if your pet is suitable for CBD. 

The Inclusivity of CBD Oil

CBD oil is an incredible supplement that has been proven to aid with ailments and chronic conditions in people of all ages. From pain management to epilepsy, CBD oil could positively benefit users and help find healthier alternatives or accompaniments to medication. 

Always speak with a medical practitioner before introducing CBD to your diet, particularly if you use prescription medication. If you want to know more about CBD and the incredible benefits it could have in your life, get in touch with CBD Farmacy today and find out more about our incredible products. 

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