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CBD oil has taken the world by storm, with interest never being higher. Right now, CBD is getting more searches on Google than Jesus, Kanye West, The NBA, Taylor Swift and The Beatles according to Forbes.

A large part of this buzz is around CBD oil. CBD is available in many forms, but oil is first type that comes to mind when people think about CBD oil. But what about CBD paste? What is CBD paste?

In many ways, CBD paste came before CBD oil. Pastes are one of the simplest ways of extracting CBD. Pastes contain more “ballast” substances, inert plant material like chlorophyll and waxes. These substances are harmless, and some people like the fact that paste is a whole plant product. CBD paste, quite simply, is a thick semi-solid substance, containing plant extract, waxes and butters. CBD oil is still thick, but is liquid. CBD paste will contain all of the other beneficial components of hemp like terpenes and flavonoids, while staying within the legal limits of THC content.

CBD paste is a concentrated way of taking CBD, with a high percentage of CBD. The best CBD paste is made using supercritical CO2 extraction, a method of extraction that uses pressurised CO2 shot through the plant material to act as a solvent, extracting the CBD from the plant. Solvents such as butane are often used to make extract, but can leave residue which is toxic to humans. All CBD paste sold at The CBD Farmacy is supercritical CO2 extracted.

CBD paste usually comes in a syringe rather than a dropper or spray bottle, like oil does. This allows to paste to be squeezed out in the desired amounts.

Why CBD paste? CBD paste vs CBD oil

One of the most obvious benefits of CBD paste is its concentration. Pastes tend to be more concentrated than oils, with our pastes here at The CBD Farmacy reaching 40% concentration of CBD in the case of our Moon Mother 5ml CBD paste, and 20% for our Voda paste. The higher strength can mean better value for money-while CBD pastes can be expensive due to their higher strength, they can prove more cost-effective per milligram of CBD.

The consistency of CBD paste can also be useful for taking it sublingually. We always recommend taking CBD oils under the tongue, as this allows the CBD to be rapidly absorbed through the mouth. The rest can be swallowed. Sublingual is one of the most effective routes of administration for CBD, with a higher bioavailability than simply swallowing it. The thickness of the paste allows it to be held under the tongue for longer for easy sublingual dosing.

Depending on how the paste is packaged, CBD paste can allow for more consistent dosing. Our Voda CBD paste has a one-click mechanism, with 25mg of CBD being dispensed per dose.

How to take CBD paste?

Unless your CBD paste comes with a precise dosing mechanism like our Voda paste, it is recommended to start with a rice-grain sized portion of CBD paste and work up from there. Start low and go slow is always the rule of thumb to follow with CBD! While you cannot overdose on CBD you will want to work up from a low dose to find your optimum level, just like oil.

Make sure the paste is at room temperature before squeezing the desired amount on to a spoon or your fingertip. Place this under your tongue and hold it there for one to two minutes, swallowing the remainder. Do not squeeze CBD paste directly into your mouth! As tempting as this may be, it is extremely easy to squeeze too much paste out, and due to the syringe packaging, once it’s out it cannot be put back in. This is why it’s recommended to carefully squeeze out a small amount of paste, and have another serving if necessary. CBD paste can be expensive, and you can easily squeeze out a dose four or five times too big!

As with CBD oil, you can add CBD paste to drinks and cooking if you find the taste strong. Like CBD oil, CBD paste has a strong, earthy herbal flavour. Some people find this delicious, but others find it challenging. You can find tips on taking CBD oil if you don’t like the taste in our previous blog post here-the tips are also applicable to paste.

CBD paste can also be taken topically. There are many other forms of CBD specifically made to be taken topically, such as balms, lotions, serums and oil roll-ons, so you will be better off sticking with these forms. Using CBD paste topically can also be wasteful-5mls of 40% CBD paste will not go very far on your skin! However, if you need some topical relief, paste will work in a pinch. If you like crafting your own CBD topical products however, there’s nothing stopping you using paste to create your own CBD balm!

You can buy our Voda 20% CBD paste for just £37 here, and our Moon Mother 40% paste here.

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