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Most people are now familiar with CBD oil-cannabis extract suspended in oil, usually in a spray or dropper bottle. However, most people will be less familiar with CBD oil roll on, a slightly different product with a whole range of other benefits.

CBD oil roll on tends to be made from lighter oils than traditional dropper or spray oil. This is because roll on is intended for topical use rather than oral. The lighter oil allows for easier application, making it less likely to stain the skin than traditional CBD oil and easier to absorb. 

Other benefits of CBD roll on are:

CBD oil roll on is concentrated.

Other forms of topical CBD tend to be less concentrated than roll on. This extra concentration allows the CBD to get to work faster on your skin or in the area you’re targeting.

Roll on is fast absorbing.

Our KAM CBD roll on is made using light oils for rapid absorption. This helps the CBD get to work right away in the targeted areas.

Roll on is fast acting

Taking CBD orally can mean the CBD takes time to start working in the body. Rolling the oil straight into the skin means it can start providing relief where you need it almost immediately.


CBD oil roll on has a huge array of uses. These can broadly be broken down into two categories-pain management and skin care-but the applications within these categories are numerous. Here are just some of the uses of CBD oil roll on.


Many people turn to CBD for help with headaches, and fast-acting CBD oil roll on is one method that can provide quick and targeted relief. Rolling the oil on the forehead and temples allows the oil to be absorbed quickly and get to the source of the headache fast.

Sore joints

CBD oil roll on delivers targeted relief to sore areas of the body, and if often used by sufferers of joint pain to ease symptoms. As an anti-inflammatory, CBD oil roll on is an effective way dealing with inflammation and pain in joints.

Post work-out recovery

Muscle soreness is an inevitable side effect of a good workout. The pain and stiffness felt in the muscles in the 24-72 hours following a workout, known as DOMS, can be eased by the topical application of CBD, especially in the concentrated, targeted form of CBD roll-on.


Some people like to use CBD oil roll-on for massages. As it is lighter than regular CBD oil, it can feel wonderful as a massage aid, easily absorbed when rubbed into the skin.

Acne and spots

CBD can help adjust how the skin creates sebum, the oily substance created by the skin that causes spots and acne. As an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent, CBD can have a whole host of benefits to skin that’s prone to acne. <a href=””>This article</a> sums up a lot of the current research on CBD and acne.


As our KAM CBD roll on is made with light, sweet almond oil it has fantastic applications as a moisturiser that won't clog your pores. Try it on dry patches of skin and feel the difference for yourself.


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