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What is CBD - Everything you need to know

CBD has become one of the most popular health products on the market featuring a variety of items like oils and lotions to even coffees incorporating it into their recipes. With its growing popularity, people are continuing to ask what is CBD and how can it help me? With spas, health shops, and other retail outlets realising the benefits of CBD, many are offering products infused with CBD oil for their customers. Integrating CBD oil into your daily routine through these products can produce positive results 


What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviated form of the word cannabidiol which is a chemical compound that derives from the resin of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is incredibly complex containing over 100 different compounds but it has two compounds that are best known: THC and CBD. 

THC is infamous for being the main ingredient that renders a user intoxicated. It’s full name is tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the main psychoactive ingredient that is found in the cannabis plant. 

While it is illegal to grow cannabis plants in the UK and Ireland, you can grow certain species like hemp if you have the correct licenses. Hemp is a unique species because, while it contains low amounts of THC, it contains high levels of CBD, making it the perfect plant to harvest from. 

Hemp is used for multiple purposes, including making clothes and bags, and other textiles for items. It is commonly used as a food supplement as well, being used in creams and lotions, protein powders, hemp oil, and now CBD oil


Differences Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

While it can be clarified that CBD does indeed originate in Hemp, there is a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Hemp oil is an oil that has been directly extracted from hemp plants’ seeds. It’s found in many beauty products because it contains healthy fats that have moisturising properties. 

While CBD is found in both hemp plants and marijuana plants, it is in hemp plants that a large percentage of CBD is found. Another massive benefit of hemp, due to the legality of nature, is that there are incredibly low levels of THC in hemp in comparison to the marijuana plant. The term cannabis comes from the plant Cannabis sativa which is the genus from which hemp and marijuana are two of the primary species.


CBD and Medical Cannabis: Are They the Same?

While some may think that CBD oil will have the same effects as medical cannabis, they are entirely different. CBD isn’t psychoactive, thus removes any opportunity to become inebriated or ‘high’. THC is what causes most highs and, due to the low amount in hemp plants where CBD oil is extracted from, the chances of any ‘altered states’ are incredibly slim. 


The Benefits of CBD

CBD oil is used by people for a variety of methods with users claiming it aids health conditions like muscular pain and arthritis. CBD has even been used to treat aggravated acne. CBD is also present in the drug Epidiolex which is used to treat patients with epilepsy. With research ongoing to the many health benefits it seems to relieve many people from their ailments.

Entirely safe to take, CBD oil can be used as a health supplement to aid a healthy lifestyle. As research continues into the oil, we may come to see it used to treat a myriad of illnesses in the future. Medical professionals believe that it can have some health benefits that can help treat pain and ease anxiety.


Pain Management  

CBD oil has been used for pain management. According to the physician Dr. Houman Danesh, the executive of integrative agony the board for the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, CBD oil can benefit not only musculoskeletal but also nerve pain. He does argue that evidence suggests CBD oil works best for pain relief if it is combined with a little THC, but CBD can be purchased over the counter and could be a reliable source of pain management. 

Totally safe to try, the dosage you should take to alleviate pain will differ from another user’s. You have to take into account weight, age, and tolerance to medications before making the decision on the correct dosage. While CBD is still being studied as an alternative pain medication, it seems to be a reliable source of pain relief for many users. 


In a society that is more aware and open about the effects of mental illness, the treatment of anxiety has become a common ailment. Dr. Janella Chin, an osteopathic doctor and a clinical cannabis master for cannabisMD, believes that it could have sincere health benefits for those trying to manage symptoms of anxiety. 

CBD oil is able to calm the nervous system, preventing the ‘fight or flight’ response emotion that is prevalent during bouts of anxiety. With this being attended to, users feel more relaxed and have more control over their emotional pathways. 

When CBD is combined with a healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise, it can make living with anxiety much easier and help those who need help managing it.


How to Take CBD

CBD oil can be taken in a variety of ways that are designed for whatever a user prefers. Most CBD products on the market are oil-based and can be taken and digested easily by users. 

The traditional method of ingesting CBD is through taking drops under the tongue. Another popular method is vaping a CBD e-liquid. If you are using CBD through vaping, you will need to purchase a CBD vape oil. Slightly different to CBD oil, the CBD extract is usually mixed with an emulsifier to create an e-liquid, that can't be consumed like a regular CBD oil but works extremely well in a vape. 

It should be noted that you can’t just add CBD oil to any vaping canister when it is done as it could be seriously harmful to your health. Inhaling oil can be dangerous which is why it is crucial to purchase replacement canisters. 

CBD can be an acquired taste but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for those who might not be drawn to its flavour. Tablets and capsules can be used to absorb CBD into the bloodstream. It should be noted that, while they will still work, these options aren’t quite as absorbable as CBD oil is and thus might take longer to take effect.

CBD can also be used in things like sweets or other edible products. While these tasty and easy to ingest, if you are wanting to unlock the full potential of CBD, it is advisable to use a CBD oil directly or CBD vape oil. 

If you find the taste of CBD oil unpleasant, there are also flavoured alternatives out there. Our Biome Hemp oil range features three deliciously flavoured oils. To make it even better, all of our Biome oils are now Buy One Get One Free! 



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CBD Oil and Pets

CBD is entirely safe for humans and animals, with studies showing that there are no severe side effects when giving CBD to your pet cats and dogs. It is advised that you connect with your veterinary practitioner before giving CBD to your pets. They will be able to advise on whether administering CBD will be effective for your pet and the appropriate dosage for its breed and weight. 

There are a variety of pet treats in different flavours laced with CBD to deliver your pet a relaxing snack but administering straight CBD oil is more effective for absorption which may help if your pet is arthritic. 


Is CBD OIL Legal? 

CBD oil is legal in the United Kingdom as it is recognised that it has very low levels of THC and thus CBD oil products can not inebriate you or get you ‘high’. It should be clarified that only CBD oil that has been extracted from approved strains of the cannabis plant is legal. 

In America, it is somewhat complex as, while it has been made legal to grow hemp under federal law, each state sets their own policy around the issue. With policies varying from state to state, it is important that you read state law before travelling with CBD oil into those spaces. 


Can I Travel with CBD Oil? 

As with American law, there are plenty of countries where CBD oil isn’t as freely available and illegal to possess when you are within their confines. Countries like Russia, China, and Bulgaria are all countries that have banned CBD. Other places allow CBD oil with a prescription. Malta is somewhere that you can obtain a prescription to receive access to CBD oil.


Dosing Your CBD Oil

Knowing how to dose your CBD oil is something that a lot of users find confusing. The following factors should be taken into consideration when thinking of the dosage that is appropriate for you: 

● The concentration of CBD that you are taking in drop, pill, or capsule form. 

● Your body weight and chemistry.

● The condition you are treating.

If you are taking this with other medications, consult your doctor to see what they recommend as the appropriate dosage and move forward with their expertise. If they don’t provide any thoughts or information for you, start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it as the weeks go on. 

 Most people start with 20 to 40 milligrams a day, and increase this by 5 milligrams after a week. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with the dosage treating your condition or set of symptoms. Remember to keep track of what your dosage is and when the CBD oil is becoming effective. 


Are There Other Ingredients in CBD Oil?

Lots of businesses that supply CBD Oil products sometimes add additional ingredients to their solutions. Occasionally this is something as harmless as melatonin but it is important to check the label of any health supplement before ingesting it. 

At CBD Farmacy, we are transparent what is within our oil and it is made with only two ingredients: 

● MCT coconut oil

● Cannabis sativa extract

Natural ingredients to achieve the optimum effect of tranquility as well as the other benefits that accompany regular dosing with CBD oil. 


What is CBD Oil?: Try it Today

CBD oil is recommended by many medical professionals as an alternative health supplement that can aid with certain maladies and contribute to a healthy, happy lifestyle. With the vast array of products available on the market, it can be confusing to know where to begin. At CBD Farmacy, we pride ourselves in being CBD oil experts and can help you choose the right product for you. 

Whether you want to try oils and tinctures, topicals or pastes, or even incorporate CBD into your vaping, we have a variety of materials that can help you get started on your journey with CBD oil today. 


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