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Vaping CBD – Does it work just as well?

What is CBD and what form does It come in?

CBD,  short for cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant. The non-psychoactive compound is often referred to as a “miracle”, as there are virtually no alternatives out there that compare to CBD’s huge spectrum of beneficial effects. CBD has been praised for its anti-anxiety and mood-improving effects. The way our endocannabinoid receptors respond to CBD, which are responsible for the production of serotonin, is due to a well-known hormone also called the “happiness hormone”

 Research suggests that CBD also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to its ability to block certain enzymes that trigger inflammation in the body. This makes CBD an incredible supplement for people who may be experiencing chronic pain.

 The best thing about CBD is that it comes in a variety of oral and topical products, is easy to consume and has no serious side effects when administered at the right doses. The most familiar form, CBD oil, can be full-spectrum hemp oil or CBD isolate mixed with a carrier oil. Easy to consume CBD oral capsules and chewable products, such as CBD gummies or sweets, are also available for people who may not like the taste.


Is Vaping CBD effective?

Before you reject the idea of vaping CBD – let us tell you, it’s actually been proven to be one of the most effective methods of intake. The CBD is quickly absorbed by the alveoli, which are small structures inside our lungs, and into the bloodstream.

Taking CBD orally is also effective, as the compound eventually gets absorbed into the bloodstream, but it has to go through the entire digestive tract, then it is carried through the portal vein into the liver. This is followed by “the pass effect”, a process where the CBD is oxidised once in contact with the enzymes in the liver, which can reduce its potency, and only then it is finally passed on to the bloodstream.

It might be worth noting that consuming CBD with fatty acids can aid in bypassing the pass effect, and increase the volume that reaches the bloodstream. Another effective method of optimising absorption is to keep CBD oil under the tongue for a couple of minutes as the mucous membranes underneath the tongue can also directly absorb the compound, avoiding it getting broken down in the liver.

If you’re not an existing smoker, and vaping isn’t for you, taking CBD orally is still a perfectly good choice as you will still get the benefits of CBD through oral administration. However, if you are a vaper who enjoys using CBD, we highly recommend trying a CBD e-liquid as an alternative or alongside your current CBD supplement. CBD e-liquid can be conveniently added to your vape, making it discreet and easy to use. It is also a wonderful solution to those prone to unexpected pangs of chronic pain or anxiety due to its fast absorption rate, meaning you will feel the effects within a couple of minutes of taking your first puff.


Do CBD E-liquids contain nicotine?

The short answer is no. The majority of CBD e-liquids out there do not contain nicotine, so they are a perfectly non-addictive option for individuals that don’t vape regularly. Some people may choose to add CBD e-liquid to their existing nicotine e-liquid or add nic salts if they rely on their vape for a nicotine kick.

Although there are plenty of claims and reports on internet forums from people who successfully add CBD isolate to their existing nicotine e-liquid, there are no studies on how nicotine may affect CBD absorption or how it interacts with nicotine in general and due to the lack of scientific data behind it we cannot endorse this. If you already vape and have interest in trying CBD e-liquid, but are inconvenienced by regularly cleaning your tank to switch between liquids, we would recommend getting another vape pen you can keep aside solely for CBD use.


How to Vape CBD

First things first –even though you have a CBD oil available, it isn’t necessarily compatible with your vape. CBD products all have one thing in common – the compound itself. However, they all use different solvents that narrow down how each individual product should be used. The only CBD product you should put into your vape is a CBD e-liquid specifically designed for vaping.

When picking the right e-liquid, it is important to remember that the amount you go for is dependent upon your personal requirements. Similar to e-liquid nicotine concentrations, there are variations of CBD concentrations available. People who begin using CBD for the first time are better off with a lower concentration, gradually increasing the strength over time, as required. People who are either seasoned CBD users or are looking for a stronger pain-relieving or anti-anxiety effect may prefer to go for higher CBD E-liquid concentrations.

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