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The Science Behind CBD

In a world that is experiencing unprecedented occurrences from COVID-19 to learning to adapt to changes in working and living. Naturally, this can cause a rise in anxiety which has also increased the search for solutions to these feelings. One way that people are helping their anxiety is through using CBD oil. The science behind CBD oil is developing daily as clinical trials continue to delve into its effectiveness to treat a variety of ailments. 

Though the research and trials are still ongoing, PubChem has listed over 600 papers that purport the use of CBD oil for pain relief and other illnesses. With ongoing research, CBD is becoming a viable, natural treatment option for many. Exploring the science behind CBD helps understand why it can be utilised as a solution for many different illnesses.


CBD and Marijuana: Not One and the Same

When people hear CBD, they naturally think of it as a form of marijuana. This confusion has come from both CBD and marijuana originating from the same plant - Cannabis sativa. This plant has been used for centuries to treat maladies as well as finding use in other recreational purposes. 

Cannabis sativa is made up of nearly 100 compounds known as cannabinoids and the two most famous cannabinoids are referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. Otherwise known as THC and CBD, both have two very different effects on the body. 

This popular plant has undergone serious selective breeding over a number of years to provide different strains with different properties. The two most popular strains are, of course, hemp plants and marijuana plants. 

The large difference between these two strains is their ration of CBD and THC. Marijuana plants are deliberately bred to have high amounts of THC and hemp plants are designed to have high concentrations of CBD and actually have less than 0.3% of THC in them according to their dry weight. 


The Different Effects of CBD and THC on the Body

Something that is interesting to consider is how CBD and THC interact in the body. Both interact with the endocannabinoid system, known as the ECS. which is an important pathway in the body to signal stress, inflammation, and even anxiety and depression. 

While THC and CBD have a similar molecular structure, the slight differences in their atoms allows them to have a different impact on the ECS. THC has psychoactive effects on the body through two receptors in the central nervous system. This causes a user to experience feelings of elation or being ‘high’. 

CBD’s reaction is quite different, as it binds to receptors at a much slower rate than THC. This means that CBD still activates the physiological interactions that THC does, only it isn’t accompanied by psychoactive effects. This is a very promising result for using CBD on a clinical scale for treatments. 


How CBD Can Help You

While research is ongoing for clinical uses, CBD has proven as an effective method for pain management and other ailments. Here are some ways CBD can benefit you:


Anxiety and PTSD

CBD is most commonly used as a remedy for anxiety. It has proven effects with a review of over eleven trials coming to the conclusion that CBD reduced anxiety when taken an hour before an activity or event that would usually cause the user stress. To continue with the results, the compilation of reports found that 80% of patients given CBD for anxiety saw their own anxiety reduce after a month. 

These continued studies are incredibly promising for the treatment of anxiety using CBD. Taking a supplement could improve stress levels and offer a healthier coping mechanism for those who suffer. 

While studies are still undergoing around the effects CBD can have on PTSD, a study was conducted that found that CBD reduced nightmares and disturbances for those who suffered from PTSD. While this is still being tested, it is hopeful that CBD can provide some relief for those who suffer. 


Inflammation Throughout the Body

CBD has been proven to display antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in many chronic conditions. This reaction makes sense due to the fact that CBD interacts slowly with receptors in the ECS. Again, while the relationship between CBD and inflammation is still being investigated, the results so far are promising. 


Pain Management

For many who suffer from chronic pain, CBD is used as an alternative pain management solution. Studies have shown that while it doesn’t have much effect on those who suffer from short-term pain, it has serious benefits for those who suffer from chronic pain. 

The studies also showed that CBD improved the quality of life for over 94% of participants with significant sleep improvement over the course of the next two months. The studies are still starting out but there have been many clear rewards already from implementing CBD as a treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. 


Sleep Management 

In a society that is ever struggling to ‘shut off’, sleep deprivation has become more common and the quality of sleep has lacked for many. CBD has been used as a supplement to aid with sleep.

While low doses of CBD have a stimulant effect, it seems that large amounts of CBD have a sedative effect which improved sleep quality and helped with insomnia. While these trials are still in their early stages, it seems that CBD could be massively beneficial for those who struggle with sleeping disorders.


Other Medical Uses for CBD

One way that CBD is being used in medical treatment is with those who experience seizures. The drug Epidiolex has been approved to help those who suffer with seizures. A CBD oral solution, is particularly effective in treating two rare forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome.

Scientists think that CBD manages to suppress seizures by slowing down the receptors to the brain while decreasing the inflammation present within it. 

CBD has also been shown to benefit animals, especially dogs, suffering from osteoarthritis. The dogs treated with CBD suffered from less pain and were more active with their owners. 


Continuing the Research for CBD

The benefits of CBD are still being explored and researched by scientists who are seeing small but significant gains using it as treatment. While still much isn’t known, it can’t be denied that CBD oil being used in different formats is having a positive impact on people’s lives by delivering anti-inflammatory effects for users and helping reduce chronic pain. Always consult a doctor before introducing CBD into your diet or pain management system. 

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