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As the public’s curiosity and awareness of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) grows so does the availability of CBD products. Edible CBD oil is one of the most popular forms of taking CBD for users who want a systemic, or whole-body effect. 

To increase the bioavailability, in other words, the amount of CBD that actually enters the bloodstream, it is advisable to hold CBD oil under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. 

Now, if you like the natural taste of CBD that’s fine, but if you are one of the many users who dislike the distinctive taste, taking CBD sublingually can become a bush-tucker trial*

What does CBD taste like?

Full and Broad spectrum CBD oils contain about 200  different organic compounds including various cannabinoids including CBD, flavonoids, chlorophyll and terpenes. Cannabinoids in themselves are relatively tasteless but each strain of cannabis/hemp plant will have its own unique flavour, largely due to its specific mix of flavonoids and terpenes. We’ll blog more about these soon. To put it briefly, if a little inaccurately, terpenes are like ‘aromatherapy you can eat’ whilst flavonoids act as anti-oxidants protecting the brain, heart and our bodies in general. Each terpene and flavonoid has its own unique aroma, taste and benefits.

You are avoiding the question! What does CBD actually taste like?

Let’s just say, it has a distinctive taste. Like Marmite, users seem to either love or hate it. It has been described as tasting ‘earthy’, ‘bitter’, ‘soil-like’, ‘flowery’, ‘nutty’ and even ‘fruity’. As an Irish Company The CBD Farmacy’s  favourite analogy is to ‘turf’. In reality each brand or oil will taste slightly different but if you HATE the taste of one you’ll probably not like the natural taste of any CBD Oils.

CBD can be a particularly bitter pill for children to swallow

Parents and guardians often ask us how to hide the taste of CBD oil. We’ve listed our top tips below but its also worth discussing why children don’t love the taste of CBD.

Children’s taste buds are different from adult taste buds. They instinctively like sweet and salty tastes more than adults. This is helpful in babies and young children to encourage them to drink  breast milk. Their taste buds are also designed to make children dislike bitter flavours which is why they don’t naturally love CBD in its natural form. In general children also tolerate sour flavours more than adults. Sourness is a measure of acidity in food, which is why you may have seen babies happily sucking on lemon rinds from your G&T or soda. These in-built preferences can be used to make cbd more palatable. More on this below. 

Also, some children using CBD will also have sensory processing differences. Children with a standalone SPD, or as part of a wider developmental difference like ASD, ADHD or Tourette Syndrome, and/or gifted children may display a heightened perception or reaction to olfactory (smell) or gustatory (taste) sensations. Many children are also sensitive to textures. CBD oils are suspensions of CBD in inert oils, often coconut, hemp or olive oil which are all quite thick in consistency. 

So, We know that most children don’t naturally gravitate to bitter tastes;  that some will also have heightened or underactive reactions to taste, and some will just not like trying new foods and flavours; so if you are struggling to give your child CBD you are not alone. The CBD Farmacy is here to help. We’ve listed some tips for making CBD oil more palatable below. Please contact us if you want to discuss individual products and methods.

From The CBD Farm(acy) to table- Our Top 5 hacks for hiding CBD in food

1.Have a drink to hand

After holding the CBD oil under your tongue for 60-90 seconds immediately take a drink of water, natural fruit juice or your drink of choice. This will wash a lot of the taste away from your taste buds. We mentioned how some children like sour tastes. It seems counterintuitive but taking a tablespoon of neat lemon or lime juice can help wash away the CBD taste, replacing it with one that your child may find more palatable. Likewise, adding a small sprinkle of salt to your CBD oil can have the same effect by balancing out the natural bitterness. 

2.Mix with honey

Add your CBD drops to a spoonful of good quality honey. By this we mean a thick, low water content honey free of additives. Avoid ‘runny’ honey as you want to place the spoonful of honey under your or your child’s tongue for as long as possible- up to 90 seconds is ideal. Children can find it particularly tricky to hold food under their tongue but the thick, stickiness of honey help’s keep the CBD in their mouth before swallowing so it will stay in contact with the mucous membranes. The sweetness of honey also counteracts the natural bitterness of CBD oil. Honey has its own beneficial properties but if you don’t like honey, chocolate spread is a useful alternative.  Just remember to brush teeth regularly. 

3.Cook and add to food

If you really cannot hold CBD oil sublingually, in other words under the tongue before swallowing then mixing it  with food may be the next best option. A little less of the active ingredients will reach the bloodstream so you may want to increase your dosage slightly. 

Another fall-back of adding to food is that unless you eat all of the meal its been added to you have no way of knowing what exact dosage has been ingested. Nevertheless taking CBD oil in your food is a useful administration method. 

When choosing foods to add CBD to, bear in mind that CBD is hydrophobic and doesn’t mix with water. It needs to be mixed in foods or liquid with a fat content. So, it won’t mix well with juice but it is fantastic mixed into full-fat milk, yogurt and kefir which can be drank on its own or mixed into milkshakes and smoothies or coffee and tea. The more you stir the oil into any ingredients the better it will mix. If you can use an electric blender this will help it disperse into an even smoother drink that kids will love. 

Drink mixed drinks and cold soups immediately as if left to settle for too long the CBD may separate from the other ingredients. 

Also CBD oil is affected by temperature. It is best stored in a cool place away from sunlight as it can begin to degrade slowly if exposed to these conditions. Although it’s benefits can be enhanced by gentle warming, too much heat can destroy some of the useful terpenes and cannabinoids in the oil. The jury is out on the exact temperature CBD oil begins to degrade but the general advice is not to heat to more than 160-170 degrees Celsius and never to place it on direct heat. Overheating will also increase its bitterness.

Both sweet and savoury CBD recipes can counteract or balance out the bitter taste of CBD. Above we mentioned taking CBD with honey but mixing ‘like with like’ is also a method used by flavourists. Taking bitter food supplements like CBD with other naturally bitter foods like dark chocolate, coffee and maple syrup make great combinations. 

Here are some of our favourite foods using CBD : 

Chocolate and hazelnut spread with bananas on toast, pancakes or waffles

Guacamole and fiery salsas. The fat, sour, spice and salt flavours work really well together.

Bulletproof coffees or any hot drinks made with coconut oil or full-fat nut milks


Salad dressings

Low temp bakes like granola bars, banana loaf, brownies, puffed-rice buns, protein balls. 

Curried lentil soup and dahls

4 CBD Cocktails are dope!

As well as being soluble in fat, CBD oil is also quite miscible with alcohol. We’re talking spirits rather than beer and wine, so why not experiment with CBD cocktails. 

5 Eat CBD Gummies

When time is at a premium and you need convenience The CBD Farmacy’s Gummies are an excellent choice. Tasty and portable, these can be carried with you and taken as needed.

CBD can also be administered by a variety of methods including e-liquids, pastes, oils, balms, creams in a variety of strengths. Sometimes just taking less volume of a stronger oil can make it easier to tolerate. To see our full range of products visit
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