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CBD and acne - How can it help?

Very few people are lucky to escape the perils of teenage acne but these types of skin issues are common in adults as well. Particularly due to the masks that are now commonplace as protection against the coronavirus. Many people have dubbed this as ‘maskne’ and some have turned to CBD as a treatment and solution. 

Synthetic solutions are often used as a means to treat acne which can sometimes cause more flare ups and dry skin out. To prevent continued irritation, CBD has been proven as a great option for those who suffer from acne. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness, aid with skin regrowth, and maintain the skin’s moisture - a perfect combination for those wanting healthy skin. 

What Causes Acne?

The largest and one of the most complex organs in the body, skin is a protective barrier that ensures other organs are kept safe. It manages to lubricate itself through the secretion of an oily substance known as sebum. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands which are found underneath the skin. The sebum climbs up hair follicles and is secreted through the pores. 

This process also allows for the hair follicles to rid the body of dead skin, which the sebum also carries out. The major issue with this is that, when too many skin cells are shed, too much sebum can be produced causing the pores to block up. The result of this being that there is excess bacteria within the pores which ultimately leads to inflammation of the skin and spots.  

Too many dead skin cells can build up and combining them with excess sebum will result in the material sticking together and clogging up the pores. Excess sebum not only blocks pores but can also cause your scalp to become greasier. All this contributes to spots forming and acne occurring. 

Inflammation of skin is caused by excess bacteria. While we all have small amounts of bacteria on our skin, blockages can cause more to grow which can lead to painful inflammation. Particularly if you are a teenager, the hormone androgen increases during puberty making the sebaceous glands enlarge. This can result in increased levels of sebum and lead to the development of acne. 

How to Use CBD for Treating Acne 

CBD is a versatile substance that can be applied or ingested to help your body in a myriad of ways. Every method comes with a different impact as the compound will react differently depending on where the receptors are in your body. For acne, topicals are the usual go to as they can be applied directly to the area of problem skin. 



Arguably the most effective way to treat acne and some other skin conditions with CBD is using topicals. Containing different strengths, these can come as creams, salves, and even balms and can become a part of anyone’s skincare routine. 

Due to CBD oil being highly permeable, it enters the skin easily being able to reach the sebaceous glands where there may be a build up of sebum. It is recommended that you go for a topical which also contains hemp seed oil as it contains essential amino acids which help treat acne and keep your skin healthy in general.


Tinctures are either ingested sublingually or orally and use a pipette to ensure that you have accurate dosing, usually containing a millilitre in every pipette. They come in bottles with varying strengths, so they’re very effective in measuring that amount of CBD that is in your body. 


CBD can also be vaped as a means of helping your acne but, again, this will not be as effective as topicals for direct treatment. Vaping CBD enters the body through pulmonary absorption when it is inhaled from a vape device. This method of administering CBD can be more effective at helping the body deal with stress and relaxation, therefore it can help prevent stress related acne outbreaks by working from within. 


Another precise way of ingesting CBD is through capsules. Capsules give a very accurate measure of the amount of CBD you are ingesting. They come in varying strengths but most effects can last up to eight hours which can be good for people wanting to get other benefits from CBD. 

Adding CBD to Food 

An effective way to add CBD to your diet to treat your acne is using edibles. CBD foods can be bought or you can follow recipes that you can add your own CBD oil to, controlling the dosage and adding it to foods that you enjoy eating.  

Using CBD to Treat Your Acne 

If you want to use CBD to treat your acne, you can use carrier oils mixed with CBD oil as well to apply topically if you want to try a home remedy. This could include oils like olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and even shea butter. It is important to understand how your skin reacts to these oils before mixing CBD oil with them. 

In regards to dose, typically starting with a mixture between 5 to 20 milligrams should suffice. If you are not experiencing any benefits, slowly work your way up by 3 to 5 milligrams every few days until you start noticing improvements. 

Therapeutic effects of CBD usually kick in within 30 minutes but the process of getting rid of acne is a lot lengthier. To see real change in your skin, allowing for a few weeks for the oil to be absorbed and to penetrate layers will help. This gives it time for CBD to help regulate the inflammatory system. 

Taking CBD orally can be used to treat acne as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and will reduce redness and general inflammation throughout the body - including the skin. Most studies do recommend taking CBD topically for the best results though. 

How Does CBD Oil Treat Acne?

You understand that CBD can treat acne but you want to understand exactly how that works? At the University of Debrecen in Hungary, researchers published a study that delivered incredible results for the support of CBD helping acne. CBD oil has three cellular anti-acne actions that make it an effective treatment. 

As we know, a lot of the time acne is created due to increased sebum production which is a result of the endogenous cannabinoids which are produced in the sebaceous glands. CBD oil interferes with this by inhibiting the lipogenic action of the endocannabinoids which can aid in sebum production. 

Well known for its antibacterial properties, it can eliminate bacteria that surround the site of the infection and due to its anti-inflammatory effects it can prevent agents that encourage acne from elevating cytokine levels which cause inflammation throughout the body. 

This study also highlights how CBD oil can even impact our DNA as CBD was found to upregulate the expression of 72 genes where multiple potential anti-acne genes were identified by researchers. Incredible results from this humble compound. 

Treating Acne Scars with CBD 

A horrible effect of acne is that it can sometimes leave scars. Research done in Moderna, Italy, has shown that acne scars can be treated and helped with CBD oil. Using 20 participants, CBD was applied to people who suffer with acne using CBD infused hemp oil. 

The study found that it significantly improved ‘skin parameters’ which saw the group’s skin hydration and elasticity improve. This study was done over a period of three months where the participants applied the CBD solution to acne twice a day. 

The cell changing and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil are just some of the incredible effects that CBD has had on skin. This study was subject to photographic data, clinical analysis, as well as subjective patient responses to support this conclusion. 

CBD has also been proven to work well with body acne which can plague people. Places like the neck, chest, shoulders, and back can all be affected by acne. This is due to them containing more sebaceous glands than the rest of the body. 

Like with the face, CBD can reduce the sebum excretion which eventually culminates in spots forming. It also helps manage the bacteria that gather near the infection, reducing the inflammation and redness that accompanies acne. 

The Side-Effects of Treating Acne with CBD

The wonderful thing about using CBD is there are very limited side effects. If you are on prescription medication, it is critical that your GP is consulted as there may be an interaction between your current medication and CBD as a compound. 

There are no reported side effects when CBD is used topically but everyone has different skin sensitivities, so it is best to take these into consideration when using it as an acne treatment. Starting on a low dosage allows you to assess how your body is responding to the CBD and the carrier oil. 

By starting on a low dosage, you can work your way up to a dose that is effective for you. Also, bear in mind any allergies you have when adding CBD to any other product or carrier oil. 

Best CBD Treatments from CBD Farmacy

CBD prides itself in having an array of CBD treatments available for those who suffer from acne. One of our most popular topicals is the Biome Face serum. Infused with hemp and blue chamomile, it includes 21 other herbs. It is anti-aging and is a hydrating face serum. A versatile product, it can be a stand alone product or can be placed under makeup. 

We also offer a KAM CBD roll on which is a very light way of topical application for acne. A quick absorbing formula, it is made with almond and coconut oil which promotes moisturisation in problem areas. 

Finally, a great topical for those suffering from acne, the Moon Mother CBD balm is a nourishing formula that is made with cocoa and shea butters, as well as coconut oil and beeswax. A heavy cream, it can be used in a traditional skincare routine as a moisturiser. 


Helping Your Acne with CBD

Research is still ongoing into the incredible benefits that CBD can offer people but there are plenty of studies that emphasise the potential that CBD has treating skin conditions like acne. This has been seen particularly through topical applications. 

CBD has been proven to help reduce excess sebum production which, in turn, reduces inflammation and bacteria in the skin. It is incredibly safe and effective in treatment and has been shown to not irritate the skin. 

As a natural solution, treating your acne with CBD is a great way to use a harmless and gentle treatment on a frustrating and painful condition. If you are suffering from acne and want to know more about the incredible potential of CBD and treating it, get in touch with CBD Farmacy today and learn more about our products and topicals that can help you.

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