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12 Crazy Products that Include CBD Oil

CBD is surging in popularity and so are the products that contain CBD oil. Being a common feature in the health and wellness sector, companies are developing a variety of products to appeal to an ever-changing market that is becoming increasingly interested in the benefits that CBD provides for users.

Companies are creating crazy and creative products for consumers that have different needs. This is catering to a growing niche market for people who want products that contain CBD to treat conditions, ease anxiety, and improve their sleep. We have compiled twelve crazy products that include CBD oil to help you make your choice.


The Definition of CBD

The acronym CBD comes from its full name cannabidiol. It is a natural compound that has promising medical benefits and healing properties. One of the hundred compounds that is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. Not containing THC, it doesn’t produce the mind-altering effects that is associated with being ‘high’

Due to our body having multiple cannabinoid receptors in our systems and all our major organs being part of the endocannabinoid system, CBD can have positive effects on our whole body.

Whether you want to manage pain, treat your anxiety, deal with inflammation or improve your skin health, CBD can do something to help you.

How CBD Works

So, we have already mentioned that our body is part of the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. Its role is to promote balance between our internal, chemical, and physical conditions thus it is involved in many processes in our body.

You can ingest CBD in a myriad of ways. Some people prefer to use CBD sublingually which simply means placing it under the tongue and leaving it for around a minute to be absorbed. This method allows the CBD oil to hit the bloodstream faster as capillaries in the mucous membrane can absorb it quicker than if it was to go through the digestive tract.

Some CBD oil users prefer to use topical solutions. These are particularly useful if you are an athlete with aches and pains. Topicals allow CBD to penetrate the skin and cause pain reduction.

Another quick and effective way to ingest CBD is inhaling it using vapes. Vaping allows CBD to be absorbed by the lungs meaning you feel the effects almost instantly.

A lot of people don’t like the taste of CBD so using capsules and gummies allow them to have the benefits of CBD without having to deal with the taste. While they still contain CBD, due to low bioavailability and a prolonged digestion process, it will take longer to feel and see the effects in your system.


CBD Oil Benefits

Due to the rise of use and popularity in CBD, research is being conducted more seriously into its health benefits and how it can be used as a valid treatment for those with chronic conditions. Most recently, it has been used to treat certain forms of epilepsy. With plenty of potential for treating serious conditions, CBD oil is becoming a popular health supplement for its benefits.

Research shows that CBD can relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the body. This happens due to CBD directly influencing the CB2 receptors in our immune system. These receptors are responsible for pain and inflammation management in the system. CBD oil can directly impact inflammation and pain meaning that people who suffer with chronic conditions could benefit from its use.

Another benefit that CBD is purported to help with is stress and anxiety. CBD can produce a feeling of calm which can help with mood and focus. These anxiety reducing properties can also help with sleep issues and help users have a more restful night.

Skin conditions like acne cause issues for teenagers and adults alike. CBD is rich in antioxidants that help promote skin cell growth, control oil production, and reduction of wrinkles. CBD can help treat like skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

CBD oil’s benefits are still being researched and discovered, but studies are promising for its use as a health supplement to improve chronic pain conditions and anxiety. As the CBD sector continues to expand, so does the research into how it can help with illnesses.


Some of Our Favourite Products that Include CBD Oil

With a diverse range of uses, there are some surprising products that contain CBD oil.

We have collated twelve of our favourites to show the diversity of the market and how to incorporate CBD into your own diet.


1.   Hemp Extract Red Wine

After a long day, many relax with a glass of wine and now you can have your very own CBD infused beverage. Cana Wine have created a mix of wine that has been aromatised with hemp extract. Made from 50% Garnacha and 50% Cariñana red grapes, it is the first Spanish wine that has been obtained from cannabinoids-enriched hemp.

A sweet wine, it is renowned for its rich, red colour and notes of red and black fruits with a gentle scent of Cannabis Sativa L. Cana Wine have also created a blend for those who prefer white wines. Made from 50% white Garnacha, and 50% Macabeo grape, it has gorgeous notes of exotic fruits. A perfect and fun way of incorporating CBD into your diet.


2.   Hemp Fluoride Toothpaste

Cleaning teeth is a part of every healthy oral hygiene routine and having a toothpaste that contains CBD is another great way of incorporating it into your diet. Happy Products developed a fresh hemp toothpaste made from hemp seed oil, coconut oil, CBD oil, and Yakima Valley spearmint.

Like all quality toothpastes, this helps prevent cavities, whiten teeth, freshen your breath, and strengthen the enamel on each tooth. Happy Products have also created a full range of oral care products that contain hemp seed oil. These include things like floss and even mouthwash.


3.   CBD Hand Sanitiser

A familiar action in a society that has become accustomed to COVID-19 prevention, most of us are using hand sanitiser regularly when we leave the house, touch objects, or get our hands dirty. CBD Living has developed a hand sanitiser for those who need to have clean hands on the go. This has all the benefits of a traditional sanitiser with the addition of CBD.

Containing 50 milligrams of pure hemp, CBD Living’s hand sanitiser is 100% organic and is THC-free. It contains 62% alcohol but also includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep skin hydrated and smooth for continued use.


4.   Hemp Toilet Paper

Hempies Paper have developed something that sounds entirely made up. Using hemp-enriched toilet paper is now not a distant dream but can be used in every home. Hemp toilet paper is sustainable and absorbent, as well as being soft, and is a great alternative to traditional toilet paper.

Due to it containing hemp, it is antibacterial and biodegradable which is safer for the environment. Being incredibly soft, it is also good for your skin. While it’s not going to provide massive health benefits, using hemp toilet paper is certainly good for those who are trying to have a more sustainable lifestyle.


5.   CBD Tattoo Balm

Tattoos are becoming more common and people are more conscious about caring for them. One method of caring for your tattoo is using CBD Queen’s CBD Tattoo Balm. A natural topical, it includes vital ingredients that help tattooed skin keep hydrated and heal swiftly.

Balms that include CBD can reduce healing time and soothe skin that has been impacted through tattooing. They prevent dryness and help your tattoo look as vibrant as possible. We also have our own balm which can help with tattoos called Moon Mother at 30 milligrams per jar.


6.   CBD-Infused Pillowcases

CBD has been found to help with sleep and now it can be infused into fabrics. CBD-infused pillowcases were created by CBD Sleep who now make two standard sized pillowcases that have been infused with THC-free CBD that can provide a peaceful sleep for users. CBD Sleep also reports that these pillowcases can help with discomfort and aches - another benefit to CBD pillowcases.

Their pillowcases come in four different shades and are machine washable as well as being piling resistant. Made of 100% cotton percale, you are guaranteed to a comfortable night’s sleep.


7.   CBD Beer

Brewed by Green Times Brewing, the perfect combination has come together - hops and CBD. For those who love to relax with a beer, these craft beers incorporate all the wonderful flavours and elements that make craft beer so drinkable with the added benefits of CBD infusion.

Green Times Brewing infuse their beers with pure, full-spectrum CBD oil. While they are THC and gluten-free, they are made to be vegan friendly and contain locally sourced barley and hops. A great option for those who enjoy sharing a beer with your friends.


8.   CBD-Infused Active Wear

Some of the most comfortable clothing to wear is active wear and now you wear it with the added benefit of CBD. A company called Acabada Active is the first athletic brand to introduce hemp into their athletic wear - making your yoga and fitness sessions that more relaxing.

Depending on the level of CBD content that you want, the company offers products that range from 5 grams to 25 grams of CBD. A full collection, they have leggings, shorts, jumpsuits, and even sports bras. With its pain reducing properties and ability to target inflammation, CBD is a great addition to active wear.


9.   CBD Calm Peanut Butter For Dogs

Honest Paws have developed a product containing CBD that your pets can enjoy. Due to dogs having an endocannabinoid system, having CBD specialised products can help treat joint pain and mobility issues, as well as helping with anxiety and pain relief. CBD based oils and treats can be offered to animals, and Honest Paws Calm Butter is one of them.

This product contains 160 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp oil which can help your animal relax among a myriad of other benefits. Always consult your vet before incorporating CBD into your pet’s diet. If you’d rather just buy CBD oil yourself, you can combine it with peanut butter to feed to your dog.


10. CBD Infused Tampons (Daye)

Menstrual cycles can bring a lot of pain and inflammation for those who have periods and the company Daye have developed a product to help treat these cramps. CBD tampons have been approved by medical professionals to help treat painful periods. Infused with 100 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, Daye’s tampons are soothing and lubricating and don’t contain any THC.

Not only that, they are environmentally friendly being pesticide free and are ethically sourced using organic cotton fibres. They are bacteria-free and come in compostable packaging.


11. CBD Cellulose Fibre Mask

One CBD product that gives benefits to their users is Love Hemp’s CBD facemasks. These nourish the skin with hemp oil, deeply penetrating the skin to improve wrinkles and pores, and hydrating the skin.

They use a sheet mask which includes bio-cellulose technology. This operates like a second skin and creates a healthy glow. Suitable for all skin types and genders, it has 10 milligrams of nano-emulsified and THC-free CBD content.


12. CBD Infused Candle - Lavender & Jasmine (Nay)

Nothing is more relaxing than lighting a candle after a long day or creating a serene setting with one as you lie in the bath. Nay have developed CBD-infused lavender and jasmine candles to help relax their users.

The candles incorporate essential oils and THC-free CBD oils which are blended with soy wax.

CBD Products: Here to Stay

The CBD industry is continuously developing and improving their product offering, adapting to situations to offer customers the best benefits possible from CBD-infused products. This versatility is why there is continuous growth in the market that is only going to continue to develop with the continued research and development into the benefits CBD oil can provide for users.

Getting started with CBD can be confusing as there are many different components and options available. Whether you want to begin with capsules and gummies, use topicals or move onto pure CBD oil, CBD Farmacy is here to help. Contact us today to find out what we can offer you.

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